Have Your People Call Our People… or Don’t.

You’ve done your research. You’ve decided that this is way bigger than a simple DIY.  You don’t have the time and/or the expertise to take this on yourself. You’ve combed over countless bids, and you’ve decided to hire a reputable contractor. <ahem- River City Construction and Design>

The demo/construction has finally started, and there are a ton of busy people in your home.  Chaos everywhere! Why is that torn down? Where are your walls?  Is that weird piece of wood supposed to be sticking out like that? So many questions!

Whether you are living in a separate part of the house, temporarily moved out, or awaiting the complete build- it’s natural and OK to want to come in and check on the progress. You may even feel like you’re getting in the way or holding up productivity.  Let us reassure you.  You’re not.  We love that our clients are just as excited as we are to be working on this.  One of the main benefits of hiring a skilled contractor is knowing you and your home are in good hands.  Letting go of control and worry can be a personal challenge. We understand the desire to check in and ask questions, but the problem is when our clients go to the subcontractors rather than the general contractor and/or project manager.

Who’s who?

General Contractor (GC)– This person is often (but not always) the owner of the company.  They are the ones that you’ll usually be meeting with at the initial meeting and beginning stages.  Most GCs prefer to stay in close contact with the clients to ensure everything is good on their end.  GCs also assign the Project Managers to each project/client.  GCs are in charge of recruiting and vetting the Subcontractors. While your GC will want to stay in contact with you, keeping open and consistent communication with your project manager is good practice.

Project Managers (PM)–  These are the people employed by the company you hired.  They are your go-to-project BFF.  All questions, changes, and concerns go through them.  Project managers keep everyone on task and are the ones who advocate for our clients and their needs when working with vendors.  PMs are also the ones to schedule, direct, and supervise Subcontractors.  PMs keep track of all the billing and paying for the subcontractors. Any changes or additions are noted for our records.

Subcontractors(Subs)–  These are the separate companies and/or individuals your construction company hires to complete designated jobs, such as tile installation, flooring, painting, counters, windows, plumbing, and electrical work.  The company hires subcontractors for their sole purpose.  The PM works directly with them to ensure they’re doing what they were hired for and ensuring quality work is being performed.

The problem- Occasionally, our clients will check in on things and ask our Subs questions about the process or the situation.  Our subs, being friendly as they are, answer what they can.  Based on what they know.  Which can conflict with what the PM has planned.  This can lead to two different stories and a confused client.  We’ve also had clients in the past who want to make what seems like a simple change to paint colors or lighting location.  Subcontractors don’t always notify the PM of changes. These things can lead to costly mistakes at the owners’ expense.

These are just a few examples of how not directing all communication to your PM can lead to extended deadlines and going over budget.  We’re not saying not to talk to the Subs. We are saying that conversations with them should remain friendly and brief as they have a lot of work ahead of them.

In short, PMs are here to make your life easier.  If changes need to be made or concerns arise, they are who you should be reaching out to to ensure all of your needs are met.  River City Construction and Design LLC has an arsenal of talented, loyal, and fully qualified employees who are dedicated to making sure you have the best experience possible.