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Professional Home Remodeling:

With almost forty years of experience in the remodeling industry, the team working with River City Construction and Design is incredibly proud to be one of best companies offering remodeling services in Austin, TX. Our professional home remodeling team is well-equipped to take up any type of remodeling project. From the bathroom to the kitchen, we have every single thing covered.

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Comprehensive Remodeling Services Provider

Whether you are looking for affordable remodeling services to make some minor modifications or would like to carry out a full home remodel, we at River City Construction would love to help you out. We offer a vast range of professional home remodeling services to bring your property back to life. Our comprehensive building remodeling service apart from kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling services, covers every single facet of the building, including:

  1. Short and long term general property maintenance
  2. Heating as well as plumbing
  3. Carpeting and flooring
  4. Interior design and decorating
  5. Kitchen and bathroom renovations

Our Process


At the time of the initial consultation, our team takes time to understand all the needs and requirements that you have, along with your expectations from us. We are going to offer a quote at this point so that there are no hidden expenses in the future.


Once both the parties have agreed upon the end results, we then thoroughly plan out every single stage of your remodeling project. Our experienced project managers ensure that all the deliverables and deadlines are met.


Our project managers are going to allocate all the required resources in order to complete your remodeling project on time and by staying within your budget. With our experienced team by your side, you can rest assured that you will receive only the highest standards of work.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

River City Construction and Design has successfully completed countless renovation projects in Austin. The team’s focus and determination are solely centered on you. It is the clients’ satisfaction that makes us tick, and it is the driving force that actually helps us renovate to create stunning spaces. With your ultimate vision and our expertise, we can guarantee that the end product is bound to capture you heart.

If you would like to renovate your home in Austin, then River City Construction and Design is your best choice. Not only does our team cover full home remodeling, home extensions, but it also fits in brand new kitchens as well as bathrooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a General Contractor or remodeling contractor is similar to hiring a new employee for a job. You don’t hire the first applicant for a job at your business, as far as hiring a contractor is concerned. You have to keep in mind the following things:

1) Do the market research.
2) Get recommendations.
3) List the best remodeling contractors in your area.
4) Compare their portfolios.
5) Check the licensing (if require (State of Texas does not have a license for Contractors)) and certification of your contractor.
6) Ask for client testimonials if they aren’t listed on their website.

Normally, GCs or Remodeling Contractors charge as per the project percent. General contractors (GC) typically charge about 10 to 20% of your total construction project cost. For larger projects, you might pay closer to 25% for their services. They do not charge an hourly rate. This is called Cost Plus. GCs will typically charge between 10-30% additional to the Materials and Labor needed to complete your renovation. This additional charge is designed to protect you, the client. GCs work for you to ensure installation is done according to National and Local codes. They are there to protect the Homeowner from getting subpar installation and materials. That additional 10-30% covers admin, marketing, fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs.

The Labor is divided into three categories and cost varies accordingly.

The first employee is the lead. The second is the journeyman. And the third is an apprentice.

The rate for the three works might be:

Lead $50 per hour

Journeyman $25 per hour

Apprentice $15 per hour

These wages are usually standard in the industry. But, they can be adjusted if the rates are different in your area. On larger remodeling projects, there may be 2-3 leads, 5-6 Journeymen, and 4-5 apprentices spread between the multiple trades.

A Remodeling Contractor is the one who manages a complete renovation, or any kind of remodeling project. A general contractor provides a strong background in framing and carpentry along with many other trades to complete a project. He actually performs as a Project Manager, gathering all materials and labor men together to get work done. Whereas Tradesmen are specialized in improvements to an existing building or specific portion of a project.

A Tradesmen would need to hold specialty licenses for every task they personally perform. For example, a kitchen remodel can be performed better when you hire a GC or remodeling contractor. Since a Kitchen remodel encompasses Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Trim, Flooring, and several other Trades, it is best to hire an Experienced GC to ensure this area is completed properly.

A GC/ Remodeling contractor differs from ordinary handymen.  They are specialized in a vast array of skillsets, have licenses and expertise to remodel your project with certainty, experience, and reliability. A contractor makes sure the workmanship has a warranty guarantee. They have good reputation in their community and they take good care of your budget and save time, as well. Handymen usually do smaller tasks such as Hanging ceiling fans, Paint/Sheetrock repairs, minor flooring repairs. These tasks are usually completed in a day or two, whereas a GC will handle a project that takes weeks to several months.

Handymen, also generally work alone or with a single apprentice or helper and do not have the skillset or knowledge to lead and supervise multiple crews along a large array of trades and skills. Handymen, generally don’t keep up with local building and remodeling codes or manufacturer installations and don’t use or read blueprints, shop drawings, or design boards.

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The best time to reach out to a General Contractor in Austin is when you’ve moved from an idea to an action step, like putting a budget together. Since Austin is the second fasted growing city in the U.S., there is an incredible amount of construction going on, and it’s imperative to lock in a reputable Construction Company as quickly as possible.